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Penguin Gallery  - "is a collection of the interesting penguins we have been able to find out there on the net".

Linux Penguins on the Web  - is meant to point to web pages that reveal everything you ever wanted to know about Linux penguins but never dared ask.

Linux 2.0 Penguins  - "Feel free to do whatever you see fit with the images, you are encouraged to integrate them into other designs that fit your need".

Pinguin Art  - "A gallery of TUX portraits and somthing less".

wallpaperpimper  - Many categorized wallpapers. Some of the linux categories in the computer section: Tux, Debian, Slackware, Ubuntu, SUSE, Gnome, and many more.

Linux Gallery  - is a hand picked collection of Linux art work and wallpapers... under one roof.

Linux Wallpapers  - tons of Linux Wallpapers.

Debian logos  - Debian has decided to create two logos: one logo is for official Debian use; the other logo falls under an open use type license.

Artwork for Debian CDs  - offers images for Debian CD covers. Note that the thumbnails are just a selection of the graphics on offer. Follow the links to see all graphics.

Linux Mint Wallpaper  - Default Linux Mint 9 Desktop backgrounds and wallpapers from the Linux Mint community.

Mandriva Linux Wallpapers  - 15 awesome high-quality Mandriva Linux wallpapers.

Slackware Wallpapers  - 25 awesome high-quality Slackware Wallpapers.

Ubuntu Wallpapers  - 15 beautiful Ubuntu Wallpapers.

GNU/art  - The goal of this site is to provide an ever growing collection of artwork to promote GNU software.

Linux Logos  - Here are a bunch of Linux Logo's most of which came about from the linux logo competition.

LinuxArt Wallpapers  - Save LeSage is both an artist and a computer geek. This site offers backgrounds, including some nice penguin motives.

Tig3rt Labs Wallpapers  - here you will find a couple of images for your desktop. Most images are done with the Gimp, some are scanned from photos.

Simple Desktops  - is a collection of desktop wallpapers curated by Tom Watson to make your computer beautiful without distraction.

HD Resolution Desktop Wallpapers for Nerds  - all of these wallpapers are available in high resolutions of at least 1900x1200. Plus, each one has been hand picked for quality, not quantity.

Wallpaper Images  - Mike Swanson's collection of wallpaper images. Each is available at 1920x1200 and 1600x1200. Some of them are also available at 2560x1600.

Social Wallpapering  - is a community effort to classify, rank, and distribute high resolution images for use as desktop wallpaper.

Sexy Linux Walpapers.

Sexy Ubuntu wallpapers  - these are beautiful eye catching Ubuntu wallpapers.

Girl of Linux  - many "Linux-Girls".  - xmms skins and grub splash- images

DeviantART  - many Themes, Skins, Wallpapers and much more.  - Wallpapers, Themes, Icons, System Sounds, Window Decorations and more.  - Wallpapers, Themes, Icons, Splash Screens, System Sounds, Fonts and more.

GNOME artwork  - backgrounds, themes and more.

LINUX - pics, backgrounds and logos.

Digitalgarage  - Linux icons.

Themes  - theme resources for Afterstep, Blackbox, Fluxbox, Enlightenment, FVWM, GTK, Gnome, IceWM, KDE, MetaCity, Sawfish, Window Maker ...


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